Thursday, February 22, 2007

Orygun Tyme Agun

My return to Oregon has been a glorious one... I feel like my time in Eugene is akin to limbo, time seems to pass with little importance and nothing gets done. Hoo-ray for friends.

The last apartment I looked at in Chicago, on the way to the airport no less, turned out to be a dirty gem in Bucktown: beautiful views of brick walls through little windows, no doors and a little porch, but nice and big inside and just where I wanted it. I have not lived on my own since my first studio in Portland (quite an emotional disaster) but I look forward to the privacy and control over my domain. I am worried about furnishing the place but have been checking out I-go and Zipcar, or perhaps I should just get a hot bum bike set-up?

I move in April and can not bring much with me... This could be a disaster.

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