Monday, February 05, 2007

Chicago: The 'Not New York' City

Chicago came into the fold about a year ago as a friend of mine and I were trying to plan our future escape from Oregon. It seemed an interesting option as positive stories about it smelling of chocolate, having offbeat radio shows, good local music, good jobs, affordable rent, hipsters, the Sears tower; and according to my absolute favorite college professor thus far, "the best art school in the country", not that I could afford it. Oh, what? Oprah too.

Moving east is appealing: the states are smaller - shit is closer and Jet Blue (the soon-to-be Greyhound of air travel, you'll see) goes about anywhere of interest for cheap (at a higher risk of death, I'm determined is true).

I came to Chicago with my good friend Mary Pilon (future prez of the world) for a preliminary visit. Forging through the cold with a CTA 7-day pass and a Rough Guide we tore through museums and documentaries like a hot knife with the assistance of her aunt and uncle who put us up and were more than amazingly hospitable.

Chicago has a kind of old American feeling; it seems to somehow look old without looking worn. There is no terrible modern skyscraper looming overhead or overkill public security and I absolutely love the aboveground trains no matter how slow they are. It might be the weather but people seem quieter and not once did I have to listen to someone else’s phone conversation on public transport… yet.

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