Monday, February 05, 2007

24 Hours On a Train

I have 10 more hours until I arrive back in Chicago from visiting Portland, Maine for a week. I have not taken Amtrak since I was little and only for a short trip from Eugene to Portland. I save $80 by not flying; but with 10 hours left, ask me later if it was worth it. At least I am getting in some Amtrak points. They need internets on these trains.

I briefly saw Boston at a transfer and said goodbye to New England; I didn’t get to see much of Boston but the "bomb threat" by Aqua Teen Hunger Force really left me frightened for my safety...

Trains always seem to amaze. Their lack of security, speed... as I write this we have just stopped and are being inspected by border patrol. I didn’t realize people risked freezing to death swimming across the great lakes. Exciting. If you are an illegal and get stopped on a train, just pretend to be in a deep snoring sleep; someone is using that technique a few rows back. Or take a bus.

Somehow I got sat next to the one other hipster on the train; he also is moving to Chicago to start anew - from Minneapolis; and yes, according to him, Prince does live there and does have yard sales and you can pay to hang out with him. Why would you ever leave? Unfortunately my social awkwardness only got me that far in conversation. So much for a chat-a-thon.

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Doug said...

My Amtrak tip of the day:

For nighttime journeys, lie across two seats with your head resting on your jacket or back-pack, which you have placed against the armrest by the aisle. Arrange your bottom just short of the armrest by the window and rest your legs against the window, but cross-legged. Surprisingly comfortable.

Also surprising is that this will also work on Greyhounds and some aeroplanes, but not VIA rail trains, as the central armrest is fixed in place.

Take loads of melatonin before bedtime.

I trust that the 'border patrol' boarded at Erie, PA and woke all the non-whites. That's what they did when I've taken that train -- a bit predictable ...