Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bowling & Biking

I biked to the south side to hand in a job application. No luck finding any mob hang-outs.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Meet Bruiser

Chicago, get ready for a natural disaster:

Watch out if you see me coming your way on this bad boy; I will cut you up with rays of broken space-time.

(Schwinn Le Tour 10 speed $100 Craigslist.org)

Slumber Pod 2R: Upgrade

Finished painting ma' sleep-space room. Ready and perched for spying on neighbors' barbecues.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Art Party: 22373003 (boobless)

I found myself at a photo-art opening/daytime party Sunday. It was in a converted loft apartment somewhere south of Humboldt Park - there was a great view of the city skyline - along with the hosts' tits, all over the walls. Her tits in a industrial freezer, her tits at a steel mill, her tits in front of a laundromat, etc. She was very charming.

And plenty of fondue fountain poo poos.

I now feel the need to cover my walls with giant photos of myself.

Slumber Pod 2R: Brilliant Sea

One of the bedrooms looks like someone was locked in with a pink highlighter while on a mushroom trip. There was some sort of elephant and lots of thought bubbles drawn all over. I wish to claim it for my own because it has a view of something other than a wall and is closer to the gas space heater when the time comes for that.

There was a hole in the wall as well; pre move-in inspection by the landlord must have missed that - and the fact the wall is completely crumbling to pieces. A couple coats of Brilliant Sea will hopefully keep chunks of lead paint and asbestos off my head while I'm sleeping.

I'm thinking Valley Mist for the living room...

Slumber Pod 2R: Deck

A nice surprise is the view off of the back deck:And it tells the time!

(To the left of this photo is a richy rich older gentleman/younger wife/childs'zes house which I thought was a parking garage at first because it's that ugly and they are rarely home. Perfect kitchen view, though, I've never seen them more than snack and never together. Buy your happiness richies, C'MON! I suspect they have a pool on the roof, or they should... satellite photos are unclear).

Slumber Pod 2R: Before

I have arrived in Chicago to an empty, deliciously yellow apartment with the dog smell accompaniment. All of the doorways are arched and awkwardly doored with folding closet doors. The bathroom has a good amount of tile missing from the floor and a wall exposing water-rotted drywall. But honestly it looks better than when I came to look at it while the last tenant was still here, as you can tell by the yellow, he had terrible taste. I remember a really bad painting of a taxi cab on the wall he must have pulled inspiration from.