Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Too Short Curtains

I may have gotten internship work with the people who make the Itchy guide to London after a feverish emailing spree to where-evers' website I came across. Someone there said they could possibly need me, if I could respond with when I was availible. I have not heard back from them yet so now I am working on a letter saying how fantastic I am and how excited I would be to be alittle bitch and make coffee for any more emails I can find... wouldn't want all my eggs in one basket.

Anyhow, I only got out breifly yesturday and it was to get me some sweet, sweet candy before the store closed. Haribo is my new hero. They have an interesting variety of candies and they are just so fantastic; BUT, like any other variety candy: there is always some shit flavor in every package that I end up eating anyway, then regretting it - usually apple.

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kumakouji said...

I remember talking to you that day about the brixx sweets. I still haven't tried them you know.