Monday, October 09, 2006

Gary, Glitter is Everywhere

Well, well... I don't have any pictures to post at the moment, but I am much behind on what's been the skinny. After much typical university bullshit, I have moved out of the freshman-first time away from mommy-dorms and into a shared 3 bedroom flat in central-east London, Zone 1.

The apartment is rather run-down, no common living area other than the bathroom, kitchen, and an outdoor rooftop patio -though its too damp for that now. My room is probably three times bigger than the dorm room was; with nothing to fill it with, I find myself keeping it messy to feel more lived-in. Other pluses include: living above a sandwich shop and a convenient store and across from fancy office/apartment buildings. I like to lay in bed and watch a half-naked neighbor eating chips across the way, or the stoner sitting and watching TV every night with the occasional visitor. I also like to think that some one could be watching me through my open window as I take a nap mid-day.

I have been on the lookout for under the table jobs - so far working one night promoting for a place called Ghetto: It is easy work but not that many hours, but the £20 I made that night made me feel so good. I spent most of it the next day on a grilled ducks head (unknowingly, but good) and some other tasty mushies at an Indian spot near my new flat.

Bar jobs are the shit jobs here, though I am hoping to find one as it will be good experience when I go back to the states. I'm not too sure how to go about asking places if they would hire an illegal worker, but I imagine there are a good amount of us here.

Life is good so far. Though I feel I am lacking direction already.

To Do:
a) Look for an internship at a magazine/newspaper - photography
b) Make money somehow

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