Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I am part hippie, being from Oregon, so this is exciting for me.

My kombucha is starting to grow. Took a while, I didn't know anyone with a baby so I tried finding a real chunky Synergy bottle to start with; it worked. It is supposed to aid the liver and fight cancer; personally, like many health products, I'm not totally convinced it does anything but I find the process to be fun and incredibly cheaper than buying it.

I'll have some tips later for making a good brew.


Ken said...

i just started mine as well the exact same way. but it's not growing as quick as i think it should. how long did it take for yours to really start moving? did you add any vinegar?

thanks for the tips.

Xela Monster! said...

mm it took a while, a couple of weeks maybe. I think I used way more sugar than usual, maybe almost a cup.

nope, no vinegar. tho bad news, I was out of town for a couple weeks for the holidays and it looks like my kombuchas were attacked by some kind of coffee ground-looking fungus! :/ so I'm starting over again as well. I thought I was doing so well avoiding fruit flies..