Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Games you can play with people without them knowing

So... ive been a long time fan of the name game (randomly calling out names in crowded places so to maybe grab the attention of strangers and bullshit a history of how you know them to em or maybe just to say how good they are looking and walk away...)

A new one i have become aware of is the shopping game. at a thrift store, say you are looking through sweaters and somebody else is too, but they are coming towards you. eventually you will haveto meet and one of you will go around the other while one just keeps barreling through the garments. its like a non-naked persons game of chicken without cars or bikes or whatever. the goal of the game is to not be the bitch that hasto move out of the way for some stranger. so if you are looking at clothes and you notice someone is working their way towards you, act aggressive, slide the hangers harder than what's necessary and DON'T look at them, let them think u don't see them or they will know your an asshole and might shiv you. ENJOY!

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